If a flustered mum shoos her kids away from the window of this innocent boulangerie, the cause might be novelty male genitalia bread on display at Paris’s gay pâtissier. Yes, le Marais has an X-rated bakery, run by the two Legay (kid you not) brothers, although only one bats for the team.

Richard Legay, the gay one, and his brother Didier, straight, set up shop on the gay main drag of Le Marais in 2001 and have since done a roaring trade catering to the daily carb needs of the quartier with flair. Disco bunny sales staff with club kid-sharp haircuts serve, and the window displays sport riotously camp themes; the orientation of the establishment is very out. But while they might gay-up the bread stick, quality control ensures that clients are from all walks of life – not just pink people.

Aside from Baguettes Magiques (“Magic Wands”) and Cheeky Dough Boy Genitalia, the brothers specialise in the richest, thickest tarts crammed with the sweetest stodge. Flavours run from pistachio to blackcurrant teamed with the more pedestrian apricot and apple. The pain aux raisins is a gooey confection and a savoury favourite is the Baton Savoyard – a very generous cheese stick and perfect snack on the go for just one euro.

My favorite ? Le Chocola Zizi Choc 🙂

Text source : 60by80